About Prasar Bharati
Prasar Bharati is a statutory autonomous body established under the Prasar Bharati Act and came into existence on 23.11.1997. It is the Public Service Broadcaster of the country. The objectives of public service broadcasting are achieved in terms of Prasar Bharati Act through All India Radio and Doordarshan, which earlier were working as media units under the Ministry of I&B and since the above said date became constituents of Prasar Bharati.

All India Radio
All India Radio, India’s Public Service Broadcaster, the Radio vertical of Prasar Bharati has been serving to inform, educate and entertain its audiences since its inception, living up to its motto – ‘Bahujan Hitaya : Bahujan Sukhaya’. One of the largest broadcasting organisations in the world in terms of the number of languages of
broadcast and the spectrum of socio-economic and cultural diversity it serves, AIR’s home service comprises of 470 Broadcasting centres located across the country, covering nearly 92% of the country’s area and 99.19 % of the total population. Terrestrially, AIR originates programming in 23 languages and 179 dialects.
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Doordarshan is India's Public Service Television network, the TV vertical of Prasar Bharati. It is one of the largest broadcasting organisations in the world in terms of the studios and transmitters. Doordarshan has started replacing its analogue transmitters to digital transmitters, which will allow up to 8 channels to be carried from a single
transmitter.Doordarshan has a three tier programme services – National, Regional and Local. The National programmes emphasises on events and issues of interest to the entire nation. These programmes includes news, current affairs, magazine programmes and documentaries on science, art, culture, environment, social issues, serials, music, dance, drama and feature films.
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DD News
DD News, the Television News Channel of Prasar Bharati is the only terrestrial cum satellite News Channel of the country. The News Channel of India's Public Service Broadcaster has been successfully discharging its responsibility to give balanced, fair and accurate news without sensationalizing as well as by
carrying different shades of opinion.DD-News channel was launched on 3 November 2003 by converting DD-Metro into a 24-hours news channel. Its satellite footprint is available across the country. DD News terrestrial reach is 49% by population and 25% by area of the country. DD News is currently producing news content in Hindi, English, Urdu and Sanskrit languages. Over 17 hours of LIVE transmission include telecast of more than 30 news bulletins in these languages.
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AIR News
The history of news broadcasting in India is much older than that of All India Radio. The first news bulletin in thecountry went on the air from the Bombay Station on July 23, 1927 under aprivate company, the Indian Broadcasting Company. A month lateron August 26, 1927 another bulletin in Bengali was started from theCalcutta Station.
Until 1935, two bulletins, one each in English andHindustani were broadcast from Bombay and a bulletin in Bengali wasbroadcast from Calcutta. The Indian Broadcasting Company wentinto liquidation in March, 1930 following which broadcasting came under thedirect control of the Government of India. The service wasdesignated as the Indian State Broadcasting Service. It was renamedAll India Radio on June 8, 1936.
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